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A Beginner’s Guide for Aspiring Writers

Writing has always been a timeless endeavor. It dates back to the very first stages of mankind, although certainly it has come a long way today compared to how our ancestors did it. Back then, writing consisted more of pictures and symbols. Today, writing is more complex. We have become smarter in the way we … Read more

Online Safety For Parents

In 2015, CNN reported that teenagers spend about 9 hours on some sort of media each day (CNN, 2015). Even kids as young as eight spent an average of 6 hours online daily.  While most of this time will be spent playing games and connecting with friends, sometimes kids can put themselves in danger.  There … Read more

Bullying & Cyberbullying Awareness

What is bullying? Bullying is a serious problem that affects one of every five students.  Bullying is defined as when someone is made to feel inferior by another person, who intends to do harm, over an extended period of time.  Bullying can be in the form of verbal harassment, spreading rumors, or any other behavior … Read more

Cancer-Free, Shackled by Debt

cancer chains

“Cancer” is one of the most frightening words in the English language for a very good reason. As a life-threatening illness, cancer requires extensive treatment that may (or may not) be effective and, for those who survive, a lifetime of debt is often their reward. In some cases, the financial devastation caused by cancer might … Read more

Five Common Diseases Whose Demise We’re Celebrating

Modern medicine has effectively lessened a number of diseases that used to plague communities, killing old and young at alarming rates. With new research and technology, we are now celebrating the demise of these diseases, many of which are still potential risks but are on their way out. Here are the top five common diseases … Read more

5 Tips to Get a More Secure Future without Aggravating Your Anxiety

Working hard to create a more secure future for yourself and your loved ones can take a physical and emotional toll from time-to-time. A 2006 study on stress and anxiety disorders found that anxiety and stress negatively impact job performance, workplace relationships, and the quality of work being done. Stress, anxiety, and insecurities about the … Read more

The Undervalued and Hidden Potential of Custom Wristbands

A teenage student walks into class and sits in her assigned seat. As her teacher circles the room, he notices a pink wristband with the words “My loved one survived!” imprinted and filled in a prominent white. The teacher asks her who survived. The girl begins to tell about how her grandmother had been diagnosed … Read more

This Young Father Lost His Battle Against Cancer But The Video He Left His Daughter Will Bring You To Tears

Nick Magnotti, the young man in this video, was 24 years old when he was first diagnosed with a rare form of cancer – Mucinous Adenocarcinoma. It began in his appendix and gradually spread thorughout his abdonial cavity. Through all the treatments, surgeries, intense chemotherapy, and hours and hours of excruciating pain, Nick continued to … Read more

This Rescued Dog Is Now Living The Best Life Ever

Meet Mrs. Flans. The cutest, sweetest little diva pup you’ll ever meet. However, her life wasn’t always perfect. Mrs Flans suffers from genetic abnormalities due to inbreeding forced by her previous owners. As a result of her breeding, she is deaf, blind in one eye, has albinism, and suffers from White Dog Shaker Syndrome which … Read more