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5 Tips to Get a More Secure Future without Aggravating Your Anxiety

Working hard to create a more secure future for yourself and your loved ones can take a physical and emotional toll from time-to-time. A 2006 study on stress and anxiety disorders found that anxiety and stress negatively impact job performance, workplace relationships, and the quality of work being done.

Stress, anxiety, and insecurities about the future go hand-in-hand and are often the culprits behind individuals not achieving their goals. We spend so much time worrying about what might happen that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. What can be done to gain a more secure future without aggravating your anxiety? Here are five tips that might help you.


1. Do Meaningful Work

This sounds like a huge no-brainer, but many people end up in unfulfilling job roles that lead to a deepened sense of anxiety and self-estrangement. Melvin Seeman describes self-estrangement as one of the six aspects of alienation in society. Those who are self-estranged sometimes think their work is meaningless or that their knowledge or skills are irrelevant.

When you do work that is meaningful to you, you feel more propelled to achieve success in the future. Also, since doing what you love tends to be rewarding in the short-term as well, you’re less likely to get caught up in feeling anxious or alienated.


2. Find and Maintain Your Balance

Life is all about finding and maintaining your balance. It is easy to experience burnout when you are dedicating all of your time and energy (and, perhaps, your money) to one thing. Balance your time between work and play.

Switch up your tasks every now and then to keep things from getting mundane in your life. Only splurge on the things that will help keep you in balance, but don’t pinch every penny and allow yourself to fall into the trap of a mundane existence.


3. Expand Your Knowledge

Do you feel like having a better grasp on your finances has helped you create a more secure future? Could you further develop your future by helping others also secure theirs? If so, perhaps it is time that you consider pursuing an accounting degree online. Accounting degrees are available at most colleges and universities and can help you learn about what it takes to become an accountant.

Accountants can work with a wide variety of clientele. For example, if you’re an accountant who also happens to be a music buff, you can work as an accountant for local bands and musicians. Expanding your knowledge can help secure their futures, and you can enjoy meeting some fantastic people along the way.


4. Don’t Fear Failure

Fear of failure tends to dissuade people from investing in their futures. While almost all of us have felt this fear at some point in our lives, the most secure and successful people are the ones who have challenged their fear of failure.

Financial failure is a legitimate fear, but it isn’t one that should dictate how you live. Think in terms of what will best quell those fears. For example, set a certain amount of money aside in a savings account with every paycheck you earn. Then, when a financial crisis occurs, you’ll at least have the resources ready to pull from while you recover.


5. Keep Thorough Documentation

Maintaining thorough financial records can greatly help you avoid future financial downfalls. You are responsible for keeping yourself and your budget on track as you build a successful future. There are a variety of software platforms for free or cheap that can help you track your expenses and work on saving for your future. Organizing them by year and by the type of expense can let you know how well you’re handling your money and avoid the stress that unexpected financial difficulties can cause. Additionally, if you ever get audited, you’ll have all the records you need and your anxiety won’t get aggravated as much as it might be if you were caught off-guard.


It’s tough to know for sure what will happen in the future. However, you can plan for and work toward a secure future without inducing high levels of anxiety. You can be self-reliant while still asking for help in times of need. Remember, your passion, knowledge, and determination can get you through many tough, but temporary, situations.