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This Rescued Dog Is Now Living The Best Life Ever

Meet Mrs. Flans. The cutest, sweetest little diva pup you’ll ever meet. However, her life wasn’t always perfect. Mrs Flans suffers from genetic abnormalities due to inbreeding forced by her previous owners. As a result of her breeding, she is deaf, blind in one eye, has albinism, and suffers from White Dog Shaker Syndrome which causes seizures. But despite her past, she now lives a life most would dream of and she deserves it! She will win your heart with her large nose, pointed ears and long flappy tongue.

Mrs. Flans is the always the center of attention. Just look at her rocking the sunglasses.

She’s a cross between a Dachshund and a Chihuahua.

She loves playing dress up and posing for all of her fans.

When her current owner Linda Alvarez heard of Mrs. Flans situation, she drove in the middle of the night to adopt her.

With a caring new owner, Mrs. Flans let her true self free.

Mrs. Flans is true lady pup. Just look at her classy choice of jewelry.

Look at that cute pink nose and that adorable smile! Its obvious she’s thankful for Linda and loves her pampered life style.

Mrs. Flans appearance is the result of backyard breeding.

Her parents were siblings, which caused many genetic abnormalities. Unfortunately her brother didn’t survive long after being born.

Despite starting out with heavy complications, Mrs. Flans is enjoying her life to the fullest.

Although Mrs. Flans may be living a great life n0w, she is one the few lucky ones. Backyard breeders are the result of many puppies not surviving or having life long complications. Please help put backyard breeders out of business by rescuing and adopting.

Please share this story to spread awareness and help save many animals lives. Mrs. Flans will appreciate it very much!